An Adventurous Week

This week has been pretty busy in the Charles Household. Last weekend, John and I made a trip to Houston to see about getting my broke down kia fixed. it has a blown motor. We were also looking into trading his jeep up. needless to say, no trades were made on the jeep. The Kia however, will have the motor replaced for free due to the engine being under a recall. We were able to get the Kia to the dealer and get that process started. we are now looking at trading the kia and the jeep in and going down to one note. which would be really nice.

Since Hurricane Laura, we had some minor roof damage. Some shingles came up along the peak of the house. our adjuster is going to allow us to get a new roof! all we have to do is provide the deductible for a named storm.

Baby Kicks!!! I have been able to feel Ryatt kick for about a week now! I felt the first kick while in Houston! He is very active. if your feeling called to make a contribution to bringing this little one into the world, below are the links to my Target and Amazon baby Registry. both Registries have many of the same items, especially in regards to breastfeeding and bottles.



Who is ready for halloween!!!! I know I am. Fall and Halloween are my favorite holiday and season. theres just something cozy about it! Plus, the fall colors are going to make for an excellent Gender Reveal photoshoot!!!

What did ya”ll do for a reveal or maternity shoot? let me know in the comments!

Saturday was Leilani’s birthday, on Friday we had dinner, cake, and presents with friends and family. Then on Saturday we went to the zoo! below are some pics. But make sure to check out my photography page to see the slideshow with all of the pics!

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