Bump Dust: a first taste Review

Bump Dust Prenatal Protein Powder from Milk Dust

First, let me just say, that before I became pregnant, I was active, always working out by lifting weights, riding bikes, walking, and doing jiu jitsu. I got pregnant and the only thing I have made an effort into keeping up has been my jiu jitsu journey. My coaches have been amazing as both coaches and training partners. As well as taking me under their wing as an assistant coach.

Let me go further by saying that I am always looking at different proteins for my diet so far my go to has been the premier protien in the caramel flavor, it only comes in the premade bottles and not in the powder…from what I have found at least. If it does come in powder form let me know!!!

After getting pregnant, I slacked off quite a bit in my workout routine and nutrition… While doing some research online and looking for recipes for meal prep, I stumbled across a product called milk dust.

I had already decided that I am going to be breastfeeding, and I would like a product that helps with lactation as well as providing protien and other key nutrients.

Straight from the Milk Dust Website at https://milkdust.com/ Milk Dust Nutrients are pictured below

As I was browsing this website, I came across Bump Dust which is the sister protein powder to Milk Dust. It is specifically made for pregnant women.

as you can see, there are some differences between the Bump Dust and the Milk Dust. I placed an order for both the milk Dust and the bump dust, and today is my first day of the bump dust. I have 4 months left in this term and am interested to see how this tastes and works with my body.

as a first taste review, I can say that the bump dust was not bad. I used 8 ounces of almond breeze almond milk so it was a little chunky and not mixed completely. the taste itself is pretty plain, I want to say it is vanilla. Which will mix well with anything flavor wise 🙂 But its not bad. Its definitely not an overwhelming taste like sime products have. This is going to be a great product to include in my food prep routine. being able to add this protein to pancakes or coffee will be wonderful for me. because I love both. the content was not chalky and mixed alright with minimal chunks. I will be utilizing 10-12 ounces of almond milk from here on out. (which the directions does call for) for a more complete mixing. In addition, I will be utilizing some of my more frequently used recipes as well as several that are posted on the website. I give this product 2 thumbs up and I will continue to utilize this product.

if you don’talready, or havemt yet, give MIlk Dust a follow on facebook and instagram. they have some good information for pregnant and breastfeading moms as well as some fitness and nutrition tips to aid in losing weight but maintaining breastmilk!

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