The Third Trimester: what I have done so far to get ready

I have a boat load of things left to do before baby Ryatt arrives in early February.

From stocking up on household essentials to cleaning, here is what I am doing to prepare for our son.

Ryatt Bedroom/nursery. Its done. I was able to get the majority of my items second hand through yard sales, friends, and resale shops. some of these were even free! I was able to get a crib, pack n play, rocker/reclining chair all for free through friends. I was able to get a bassinet and changing station through garage sales. my parents are bring 2 different dressers when they come and visit for Christmas.

Diaper and wipes stockpile: since finding out about being pregnant, I have been buying diapers and wipes just about everytime I go to walmart. I found a diaper stockpile image on pinterest that gives a basic rundown of how many diapers in each size I may need. from there I have been eye balling what I need and don’t need. Of course I am saving my reciepts so I can return or exchange for a different size if necessary. as far as wipes go, you can never have enough wipes!

Feeding: I am adamant about breastfeeding. My husband is not so much set on it. I have decided to use the Playtex Nurser bottles with the drop in liners. So all I will be buying in regards to bottles would be the drop in liners. in addition to the drop in liners, I purchased 3-6 of the 4oz and 3-6 of the 9oz bottles playtex nurser bottles. (its gonna be an easy clean up because the liners are disposable. 🙂 I got my breast pump for free through my insurance. so if your in the market, check with your insurance company. you may be able to get it for free as well! I also have decided to utilize the Kiinde feeding system. I was able to get a free starter kit and have been obsessing over the products since then. Kiinde works with any breast pump system, basically just pump directly into the kiinde bags, store, then feed. all from the same bag without having to transfer any breast milk! Check out their products here.

since finding out about being pregnant, I have been able to purchase items throughout my entire pregnancy. From feeding and diaper options to decorations. I have managed pretty well with being able to make my purchases throughout my entire pregnancy. I was even able to pick out paint colors for Ryatts Room and had the room painted in my first trimester. There are some small things left that I need to do, such as paint the crib and changing table and some decorations, but I will be having my parents do that when they come visit for Christmas!

Now that I am in the 3rd trimester, its crunch time. I have a shed being delivered this month and many items I have in storage will be moved out to there once it is set up. this will open up the other bedrooms in my house for occupational use for my family for xmas. 🙂 I will be cleaning those rooms prior to the shed arrival and set up so that I can get the beds down and made for visitors. in addition to that I have a list of things I will be buying next week for stocking up on. This includes

paper plates, plastic utensils, paper towels, tp, cleaning products, laundry detergent, dish soap, trash bags, zip lock bags, tin foil/plastic wrap, hand sanitizer, cotton balls/q tips, shampoo and conditioner, make-up remover wipes, batteries, thank you notes, stamps, coffee, Gatorade, and pet food.

in addition to these items, I will be creating and stocking up on a post partum kit, and mom and grandma will be helping me prepare meals over Christmas break to stockpile in the freezer for when baby arrives. (all crock pot meals) so I wont have to cook for first few weeks/months.

There are a few other items on my to do list for cleaning and organizing that I am fixing to go do now, I hope that some of the items I listed or did will help you as you progress through your pregnancy (if your pregnant,) or trying to get pregnant!


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