Whats in my diaper bag?

As I’m learning how to do this mom thing, im picking up tips and tricks along the way. And as I mentioned in a previous post, don’t get a fancy diaper bags… Unless that is something you absolutely want. John and I found this adorable book bag that has american traditional disney art work on it. (I think we found it on sale at hot topic) . but this book bag does everything a diaper bags does.

The question remains… Whats in the diaper bag?

Diapers. I have a pack of diapers. 1 full pack of the current size that Ryatt is in. Its the small 24 pack that comes from huggies. We snagched 3 or 4 packa from the hospital on they way out the door.

Wipes. I got a bunch of sample packs of wipes so I went through these first. Now I keep a pack of the parentw choice (walmart brand) on hand.

Boogey wipes. I swear by these things. They work on everything. Need a wipe to clean a pacifier that fell on the ground. Boogey wipe. Boogie hanging off end of nose? Boogey wipe. Crap all over hands and face? Boogey wipe

Boogey diaper rash spray. Also something I swear by. Spray on the bum before putting new diaper on. Dont have to get stuff all over your fingers. Absolutely recommend for diaper bags

Extra onsies. Ya know, just incase of a blowout the little one gets wet or sock and needs and out fit change. I have 2 additional outfits in the bag. If im gonna be out all day ill throw a third one in.

A burp cloth. For burping the little one and to wipe up after feeding. A light blanket. Just in case I need some protection from the elements or Ryatt gets cold. (This is usually in the car seat with him.)

Pacifier. Usually in ryatts lap while in car seat.

Nursing cover. Just in case some douche starts tripping that my breasts are out and I am feeding/pumping in public. This also doubles as a car seat cover to help protect from the elements

I have a seperate cooler that I carry due to pumping on the go. Its a This is where I keep ryatts food, bottle, bottle liners. I also pack snacks and food for john and I. I also make sure to pack and ice pack or 2 and a sealable container to put my breast milk storage bags once I pump into them! When im going for a short trip (less than an hour or 2) I premake a bottle just in case Ryatt needs a quick fix.

Now we know whats in my diaper bags. I wanted to know whats in yours. Leave a comment and let me know!

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